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We offer tours in Kyiv, other cities and villages

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All schedule is flexible and personal! You can always add hours during tour.

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At o'Panas Ukrainian restaurant
At Pirogiv village-museum
Inside WW2 museum
At Kiev Rus park- discover old times!
Near Dnipro river
At Poltava region
At the monument to Unknown soldier
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Our Testimonials


"Taya took me on a tour of Kiev and she was the best. Great historian with an even better since of humor. Couldn't ask for any better!!!"

Dennis from the USA


"If you want to know how is real life in a country, you must go to a place outside from big cities. Taya's grandparents gonna make you feel very comfortable there, be ready to eat a lot and drink vodka xD I was lucky that I rented a car and we could go to more places. Also Taya can show you some card games, but she is gonna let you win only the first time and never again ;D I had a good time there!"

Carlos from Spain

Tours: Testimonials
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Tours: Video
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