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We can help with various documents

Residence&Visa: Price List

Opening a company+ 3 years of residence

2700 $

  • We will take care of all documents that you need. Opening a company allows you to stay in Ukraine 3 years. 

  • Keep in mind that you will need to pay tax around 150 US per month (accountant is included).

  • The first year only Ukrainian resident can be a head of a company

What's included:

- Tax ID number

- Opening a bank account

- Submitting all documents to the government

-Personal assistance

-No waiting in lines

What's NOT included:

-Power of attorney


from 180 $

  • To get visa can take up to 14 days

  • We also can help to solve the issue why your visa was rejected

  • Depends on type of invitation you need (business, private, touristic) price can vary


​" Taya helped me to get my residence permit for Ukraine, which I would've never been able to do on my own. The whole process was very smooth and handled in a professional way. Beforehand, Taya instructed me about the various steps that would be necessary and what I would have to do at each step. Any questions I had were answered in a clear and timely manner. Throughout the process, she kept me posted on how it was going, so I never felt lost."

Jan from Germany

Residence&Visa: Text
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