Buying/renting a property in Kiev

Want to have a flat in Kiev and don't know any prices, sites or where to start? I guarantee to find the most suitable real estate for you! Let me present you Olena Yaremiy ( my mum), who works in a Blagovist agency for more then 15 years! She knows Kiev like her palm (Ukrainian proverb), pricing, the districts and people. We will do everything fair and legally with needed documents.

Cost: Buying: 5 % percent of the flat price, renting: 50% percent of the price.

How it works: You contact me describing your wish, district,floor, price and other details. We find You options and send information about it. Next step is if You like some of them, we arrange appartments review day and help You with your choice.


P.S in case you don't chose the flat with me, I have a fee for finding and showing flats 120$



How flats look like?

Probably you have some questions with how much does it cost, how does it look, what kind of flat I can afford. For buying prices start from 35.000 USD, for rent - 230 USD( not the best, I don't recommend).

To make it clear I found REAL examples of flats, which were sold(of course there are flats with higher quality, I took average one):


For buying:

For renting :