Buying/renting a property in Kiev

Want to have a flat in Kiev and don't know any prices, sites or where to start? I guarantee to find the most suitable real estate for you! Let me present you Olena Yaremiy ( my mum), who works in a Blagovist agency for more then 10 years! She knows Kiev like her palm (Ukrainian proverb), pricing, the districts and people. We will do everything fair and legally with documents.

Cost: Buying: 5 % percent of the flat price, renting: 50% percent of the price.

How it works: You contact me describing your wish, district,floor, price and other details. We find You options and send information about it. After if You like some of them, we make a real review day of appartaments and advice You with a choice.


How flats look like?

Probably you have some questions with how much does it cost, how does it look, what kind of flat i can afford. For buying prices start from 35.000 USD, for rent - 230 USD( not the best, I don't recommend).

To make it clear i found REAL examples of flats, which were sold(of course there are flats with higher quality, I took average one):


For buying:

For renting :