Dating / meeting / letter?>

I provide different types of translation services:


1) You have a date with a Ukrainian lady, but you have a language barrier? Let me break the wall of language! I do everything efficient, privately and you won't feel there is someone else on your date!   I am also available going to the other city and country.


2) You need to send a letter to your girl/friend/partner? I am able to translate any text you need to!


3) You have distant relationships? You talk with your lady by Skype? That's a usual thing to help you during your conversation!


Cost: 1) 15 USD per hour (the price of the tickets, accommodation, food and visa isn't included)

            2) 10 USD per half of Word document paper

               3) 15 USD per hour


There are few possible ways to pay:

(by Paypal, Western Union,Skrill or card) 




Patreon:            Taya Ukraine