Urban or rural?

City tour

Kharkiv train station

Going to Kiev and feel lost? Wanna meet some locals to see secret places?

Here I am! I promise you an unforgettable time in my city! We plan the tours according to your preferences and interests. Museums, galleries, churches, food,monuments, castles, parks and much more are on the list.

If you wish me to guide you in another city, no problem! However, my tickets and accommodation aren't included in the price of guiding.

 In case I'm not available there are 2 options:

1) I ask my friend to guide you instead of me

2) We make a small group of two (or more people) and the price will be lower 


Cost: 15 USD per hour.(I recommend 5 hours tour). Preferably pay by US dollars or Euros cash.(also possible Paypal, Western Union,Skrill or card) 

Tickets and food aren't included.

Airport picking up 30 USD( taxi isn't included). 


P.S. I take a prepayment 15 USD


Why me? : I love communicating with people and would be glad to show you around. You will get a high quality tour and visit local places. I live in Kiev for quite a long time and I can help you with translation as well. If you take more than one day, I have a discount system!


Contacts:   tayaukraine@gmail.com

 Paypal:          lanayaremii@gmail.com

Patreon:            Taya Ukraine  


Andy from the USA

"I had a wonderful time in Kiev with local celebrity Taya. She knows the city and metro system very well,she made my first trip to the kiev monastery of the Caves a breeze. overall tons of fun, laugh."

Eddie from the USA

"Taya is the greatest. My first time to Kiev and Taya was my tour guide and we covered a lot of ground in just three days. She very knowledgeable about her city and the history. Thanks Taya.  :-)"

Frantisek from Slovakia

"Wonderful city, wonderful people and wonderful atmosphere!! Big thanks to Taya. I really enjoyed it))"

How city tour looks like?

Andriiv uzviz

T.Shevchenko National University

Mother Motherland

Village tour

Psel river

Tired of city life? Wanna know about average Ukrainian lifestyle and meet local people?

Then this tour is for you! It is exclusive chance to meet with real Ukrainians (who are my relatives), eat traditional home-made food, take care of animals and enjoy the nature! 

Velyki Sorochyntsi village is situated in Poltava region, which is famous for its preserved culture and picturesque views.


What to take? In case you will miss your food, you should take it as shops in a village have small range of choice. Cash in Ukrainian hryvnia is obligatory. Take simple clothes according to the weather.


How we get there? We take a train from Kiev(takes 2 hours)  to Myrgorod and take a taxi to the village. 


Cost: 280 USD per 1 NIGHT, 2 DAYS(2 nights, 3 days is 415$). EVERYTHING IS INCLUDED! Accommodation in authentic house, train tickets,taxi, 3 meals a day and my help is included. Your personal expenses aren't included (I recommend to stay Up to 4 days, so you aren't bored there ;)


P.S I take a prepayment 40$ for tickets and 25$ for accommodation

Contacts:    tayaukraine@gmail.com

 Paypal:          lanayaremii@gmail.com

Patreon:            Taya Ukraine 

Jan from Germany

"I totally recommend the village trip! Taya's relatives are super nice and even though i only speak basic Russian, we got along well and she was always as a translator. You may also be surprised to find that there's actually quite a lot to do : museums, a church, a river to swim in, or you can help to tend animals and plants. It's probably not for everyone,but it's a great opportunity to experience Ukrainian life and culture"

Carlos from Spain

"If you want to know how is real life in a country, you must go to a place outside from big cities. Taya's grandparents gonna make you feel very comfortable there, be ready to eat a lot and drink vodka xD I was lucky that I rented a car and we could go to more places. Also Taya can show you some card games, but she is gonna let you win only the first time and never again ;D I had a good time there!"

Everything about the tour!

Small Kiev tour

Kharkiv vlog

Festival in the Carpathian mountains