Learn Russian/Ukrainian with me!

You wanna learn Russian or Ukrainian, but you don't know where to start? Let me help you!

I provide with all materials,our lessons will be fun and easy!

Cost: 22 USD per hour (by Paypal, Western Union or card). Paypal: lanayaremii@gmail.com

How: by Skype or real meeting

How to book? Contact at tayaukraine@gmail.com

P.S. payments should be done before the lessons



Joris from the Netherlands:

"Taya is my teacher in Russian language via Skype. It is fun to have her as a teacher. She has a lot of patience and her lessons are verry affordable."

Stefan from Germany:

"I really enjoy Taya's videos and I'm also taking Ukrainian lessons via skype with her. She's a great teacher and very flexible with regard to the time schedule."

Aodhan from the US:

"Taya teaches me Ukrainian and Russian; I studied Russian 101 and 102 at the university level before but lost it. Not only can she teach formal grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary in both languages, she can explain why this is that way and what is best, and she can also challenge you to a test through an immersion conversation unannounced. Her rates are also unbeatable. PHENOMENAL teacher, could not more stridently recommend her as a Ukrainian or Russian teacher - why not learn both?"

English classes for your lady!

There is no problem to teach your lady by Skype or in person. I provide with all materials, make sure the lessons will be fun and useful :)

Cost: 22 USD per hour (+5 USD if it's a meeting in person)


How: by skype or real meeting


How to book? Contact at tayaukraine@gmail.com


Paypal:          lanayaremii@gmail.com


Watch my Ukrainian lesson for beginners:

My Russian language lesson- when to use "Vy" or "ty"(official you and not official)?